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Difficulties in the Profession of a Tour Guide

Are you mature enough?

If you set your mind on becoming a tour guide, first you need to consider if you qualify for the profession to fully enjoy it. The Accreditation Center for Guides and Interpreters (Association of Guides and Tour Managers) sets basic requirements of applicants, such as minimum a third year college student and successful completion of the course on tour guiding.

But in real life there are more requirements besides these two. First I would say it is your own travel experience. Second is your life experience. Your language proficiency is equally important and it comes third. Knowing the stuff is a fourth must.

When I started my tour-guiding career, I had zero travel experience of my own and lots of ambitions. Luckily I began travelling very soon. And today I am able to compare my career perception with and without personal travelling experience.

If you have never been a tourist yourself, you will always be on the other side, and you will meet tourists’ demands with hostility. If you have never planned your own trip, it will be difficult for you to understand the meaning of “on schedule” and the value of being flexible. If you haven’t learnt other cultures, you are risking finding yourself in a ridiculous situation. Читать далее

City Tour Phrasebook for an English Language Tour Guide

City tour phrasebook is a useful tool for those who are going to become guides in Moscow and for those who would like to expand their vocabulary.

A guide is not only the one, who shows the way and leads the group through the unknown location and provides its description, but a cultural ambassador, conflict arbitrator and impeccable customer relations agent.

The profession of a guide is full of unpredictable range of situations in which the guide must be able to talk about culture, religion, politics and social life.

I captured some practical vocabulary, explanations, examples, which will equip you with specific and general terminology and help you communicate effectively in various scenarios.

Each part can be viewed separately and deserves more attention. My goal is to help the beginners in the profession of a tour guide, which is why I trimmed the vocabulary to this format. Читать далее