Архив метки: Москва

Walking Tour in Red Square in Moscow

Red Square is one of the most challenging sights to show to your tourists. First of all, the Square is a long waited visit for tourists alluring them with its mystery and drama. It is difficult to keep them focused and grounded once they are in it. They have seen this unforgettable image one hundred times on TV and in newspapers, and it’s a breathtaking experience for the tourists to finally be in the place.

Secondly, the Square is huge, and its sights are scattered all over its surface. And every other sight looks even more important to take a picture of.

Thirdly, GUM is a huge temptation with its abundance of inviting showcases and decorative sale points with delicious bakery and hand made chocolate and other goods looking so authentic, wrapped in unfamiliar Russian branded packages.

And at last the Square is exposed to all types of weather. Be it a hot sunny day, or a gloomy rainy afternoon, there is no shelter. It adds physical fatigue and mental restlessness to the wandering tourists.

If the guide does not keep the situation under his/her control, the guide will lose the group. Losing the group anywhere means loss of time and confidence and much more, but in Red Square it is also a danger for tourists, they can be pickpocketed or cheated by street venders and frightened by beggars speaking Russian to them.

If you want to provide your tourists with interesting information about Red Square and at the same time let them enjoy the sights on their own, let’s plan your tour in Red Square step by step. Читать далее