About the Outreach Coordinator

Student Council Logo Do you guys know that the American Center in Moscow is running elections to the Student Council? One of the positions is the Outreach Coordinator. This is the position I am applying for. A good question is what does the name of the position of the Outreach Coordinator mean? The Outreach Coordinator is a person who serves as the ambassador between the organization, he or she represents, and its target audience.

What is the Outreach Coordinator responsible for?

The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for attracting more followers to the organization, nurture already existing leads and social media profiles, inform fans of the American Center about the latest campaigns, events, contests, etc. It is not just news feed.

The Outreach Coordinator is on constant search for dedicated to the organization people who according to their interests and talents can participate in different events.

The Outreach Coordinator creates a database of people, puts them into groups according to what they want to get from the American Center and what they can do for the American Center.

Why should you follow the Outreach Coordinator’s campaigns and  participate in the events of the organization?

Speaking about the American Center in Moscow, the followers who participate in its events, have a unique opportunity to meet native speakers of the American English who specially come to share their precious experience in different spheres, such as culture, literature, education, music, diplomatic work, etc with you.

The Outreach Coordinator motivates people to discuss what they have learnt from the meetings, and makes sure that those who could not participate in person will get all information on line and even live from the events.

The best relationship is built on the principle: “to take and to give”. Here in American Center we don’t only organize meetings, we build relationship between our attendees and speakers. You do not realize how much we would like to hear your voice. You can be the speaker yourself. Just give yourself a try and reach out.

Why do I think that I am able to run this position?

First of all, I realize, that the most difficult thing is not to win in the elections. It is much more important to understand how much commitment I shall have to put into the organization. The key word is ‘have to’. The fact is that I don’t have to, but still I want to.

Secondly, you will see my plan and program in the coming days. Don’t forget to follow me, there will be special notifications.

And last but not the least, you can get to know me better by my
twitter.com/amcoutreach and Facebook.com/amcoutreach accounts.

Look forward to meeting you in person. Look for updates. I prepared something for you.

Good Luck to all other candidates!